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Legal action toward websites with poor accessibility has reached an all-time high. Don't Be A Statistic!


Meet ADA Compliance in 7 Days or Less!



Of All ADA Title III Filings In Federal Courts


Website Compliance Lawsuits Filed Annually - AND GROWING!


Average Settlement For ADA Suits

THE SOLUTION: Make Your Websites and Content ACCESSIBLE

Companies should focus on hiring experts in both web accessibility and website code to adequately audit their website and content to reveal and resolve possible violations. Automated testing tools and solutions detect less than 30% of WCAG and ADA issues. Human testing is essential to get an accurate accessibility audit.

We are dedicated to providing FAST + COST EFFECTIVE solutions to protect small to medium-sized companies. Even if you don't choose to partner with us, we still provide holistic guidance in our audit reporting to resolve the issues. 

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Compliance In Only 7 Days!


AI Audit

We start with an AI Audit utilizing a number of powerful AI tools that quickly crawl your site and give an initial indication of major errors. 


Developer Inspection

We then manually review your website utilizing our 65-point checklist and identify and document all issues that could put your site at risk. 


Findings Review

Your team leader will connect with you or your team to review the findings and action plan with you. This will also allow us to ask any final questions or gather any last information we need. 



Once we have the information, our development team will take it from there! Depending on the size of your site it could take anywhere from 3-7 days for your site to be ADA compliant.



After we are complete, we will send you a report of everything we completed so you can have it for your records.



All of our development plans come with a 60-day warranty. Meaning we will monitor our changes, resolve any related issues and even update any new pages or products you have. 

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Our mission is to make the internet accessible to EVERYONE

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Thank You For Making The Internet More Accessible!

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Our Focus


Inclusive Accessibility For All Visitors

Accessing your sites content has never been more crucial. Mitigate your legal risks through compliance via the ADA and WCAG standards. 

Operation Standards

  • All Functionality Available via Keyboard

  • Enough Time To Read Elements

  • Assisted Navigation

  • Easy To Use Alternative Routes Of Input

Appearance Standards

  • Layout & Navigation Are Consistent

  • Text Can Be Zoomable Up To 200%

  • 4.5:1 Text to Background Ratio 

  • Destictive Text Links

Usability Standards

  • Keyboard Usable For Content & Functions

  • Accessible Sitemap

  • Search Functionality

  • Ability To Tab & Aarow Through Content

HTML Functionality

  • Free of HTML Errors 

  • No Broken Links

  • Proper Use of <H > Tags

  • Clear & Descriptive Page Titles

Content Alternatives

  • Closed Captioning 

  • No Images of Text

  • All Meaningful Images Have alt Text

  • Accurate Text Transcripts

Control Standards

  • No Automatic Pop-Ups

  • Reasonable Use Of Media

  • Minimal Autoplay Elements

  • Elements Are User Adjustable

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Packages & Pricing


Landing Page Compliance


7-Day Delivery!

  • AI Compliance Audit - Landing Page

  • 65-Point Engineering Checklist

  • alt Text For All Images

  • Closed Caption Script For Videos

  • Mobile Responsiveness Assessment

  • Accessible Navigation


Full Site Compliance

(Up to 25 Pages)


  • AI Compliance Audit - All Pages

  • 65-Point Engineering Checklist

  • alt Text For All Images - All Pages

  • Closed Caption Script For Videos

  • Mobile Responsiveness Assessment

  • Accessible Navigation - All Pages

More Than 25 Pages?
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Online Store Compliance


  • AI Compliance Audit - All Pages

  • 65-Point Engineering Checklist

  • Full Site Compliance

  • Checkout/Payment Compliance

  • Product Page Compliance

  • alt Text For All Product Images

Need Ongoing Support?
Websites That Have Regular Content Updates Should Consider A Bespoke Continuous Monitoring Solution

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Dedicated To Making The Internet
Accessible To Everyone

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